Meteora Pyli Geopark made an impression at international conference

The team of the Meteora – Pyli aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark sent the Organization a voluminous file, where the wealth of the area is recorded.

ERT journalist Vangelis Mitrousias crosses the Gate of Thessaly almost every day. Τhe rocks of Meteora dominate the geopark, which is preparing to join the international UNESCO family.

There are 195 around the world with seven of them in Greece, notes Vaios Koutis, director of the Trikala development company. The Region of Thessaly with OFYPEKA, has completed the process of preparing and submitting to UNESCO the Nomination File, which won the impressions and will soon decide. On July 16, the visit of the UNESCO special team is expected for an on-site survey and visualization of the geopark.

Thessaly hopes to join the world map of nature tourism, in the network of global geoparks. Meteora is the crown of the park, and it is accompanied by rich biodiversity and a huge cultural reserve. It is not just rocks, like the huge red rock of Uluru in Central Australia, or the rocks in the so-called Monument Valley in Arizona. Meteora rocks are not dead. They carry a unique life. A combination of human power adapted to the natural environment, without offending it. This was one reason why the area has joined NATURA. Because of the rich fauna and flora.

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