Meteora is a world-class destination for rock climbing. An activity that should not be missed in the region of Meteora – Pyli Geopark. The geological heritage meets the cultural heritage at one of the most unique adventures of Meteora. Even if you are new to climbing, let one of the professional guides introduce you to the sport. 

Mikro Farangi: One of the most popular climbing areas in Greece, especially for the summer period. The wide variety of routes as well as the beauty of the gorge is one of the main reasons why Pyli is such an ideal climbing destination. Following the initiative of the Pyli Mountaineering Group, climbers have the option of staying overnight.

Climbing field of Pyli: The first field equipped with routes since 1994. The only climbing routes in the area of Trikala were the rocks of Meteora, a fact that led the climbers of Trikala to search for possible limestone fields to open routes. Today, the village of Pyli consists of 5 basic fields (that has the possibility of expansion up to 10), which gives the prospect of opening up to 350 routes.


A journey through space, time, and geology