Hiking – Mountaineering

In Meteora Pyli Geopark the visitor has a great offer of outdoor activities that connect the geological heritage with the cultural heritage of the region. 

The European Path E4 passes through the area of Koziakas. Hiking lovers can reach almost all the peaks of the surrounding mountains through an important network of trails. You can also explore nearby villages, such as Pertouli, Elati, Neraidochori, Kalogiroi and Vrontero.

  • Pertouliotika Livadia – Astrapi (Koziaka Peak): 2,146m
  • Pyrra – Avgo: 2,146m
  • Neraidochori – Marosa: 2,020m
  • Pertouli – Neraida: 2,065m
  • Haliki – Peristeri: 2,295m
  • Kleino – Trigia: 2,204m

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