The Geopark

Meteora-Pyli Aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark located in western Thessaly and covers an area of 2409.5 km2. Within the boundaries of the two municipalities of Meteora and Pyli, is dominated by impressive and unique geological sites, which explain the complex history of the birth of the Hellenic area. Among them, the huge rocks of Meteora is already recognized for its importance as a World Heritage Site from the UNESCO in 1988. The area of the Meteora -Pyli Geopark has also a great ecological value which evidenced by 5 regions which have been included in the European NATURA 2000 Network as Special Areas for Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Areas for birds (SPA), where some areas have both designation. The Geopark also provides a rich cultural heritage from the beginning of human presence in Greece to the present day. The variety of the cultural sites and monuments, as well as the rich intangible heritage of the area constitute important resources of the Meteora – Pyli Geopark. The cultural highlight of the Geopark is undoubtedly the cluster of monasteries built on top of the Meteora rocks. The Meteora – Pyli Geopark highlights the evidence of its geological, natural and cultural heritage and the visitors can familiarize themselves with a rich network of geosites and ecotopes, archaeological sites and monuments. In addition, the visitors can participate in various ecotourist and athletic activities, educational programs, cultural festivals, as well as enjoy hiking through a unique natural environment.


A journey through space, time, and geology