The Museum of Natural History and Mushroom Museum

The Museum of Natural History and Mushroom Museum is located in Kalambaka and has as its fundamental objective the creation, preservation and promotion of collections that will contribute to the study and preservation of the natural heritage of the region. Through the correct dissemination of information, as guaranteed by the cooperation with renowned scientific bodies, museum educators and Universities, the museum contributes to the formation of environmental awareness, the scientific exploitation of the collections and the participation in studies about the natural environment and especially in the wider area of Pindos, as well as the development of educational and publishing activities and the creation of an information bank about the hosted species. Finally, the Museum regularly organizes numerous exhibitions, events and seminars about the environment, as well as other activities that bring people into contact with nature and the complexity of its functions.

The Museum of Hellenic Culture

The Museum of Hellenic Culture is located in the center of the city of Kalambaka. With the main exhibits being the unique collections of the collector Pavlos Balogiannis, the Museum aims to study, preserve and project the timeless course of Greek education and training, as well as the cultural values that derive from it, creating an experiential and nostalgic experience for the visitor.

The Museum of Greek Education hopes to establish a strong connection between the visitor and the Greek Letters and Culture in a simple and experiential way to be a place of culture, learning, education and science. Hosting teaching manuals, dictionaries and games from another era and transporting the visitor to a classroom with an alphabet, blackboard, maps and wooden desks, it creates a completely human-centered experience adapted to the needs of the modern visitor.

The Museum of Greek Education – in addition to its permanent collection – hosts periodic exhibitions, scientific conferences, lectures and a multitude of other cultural events, acting as an educational and cultural center for the city of Kalambaka.


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