“Adrachti” Landform

“Adrachti” Landform

Among the rock formations of Meteora, an impressive columnar rock formation stands out that looks like a stone spine. The impressive relief of the area has been created by tectonic deformation and erosion. The tectonic deformation caused the fragmentation of the cobblestone formations. Then, differential erosion by water and wind formed steep ravines separating the successive tower- and obelisk-like rock masses.

The approach to the rock formation “Adrachti” can be achieved through a route that initially crosses the alleys of old Kastraki up to the church of Agios Nikolaos. The path from Agios Nikolaos to the old Panagia has wooden steps and its last part, composed of dirt, takes us, in about thirty minutes, to the impressive Adrachti rock. From this point, the view is magnificent, with the high towers of Meteora rising around the visitor and the houses of old Kastraki and old Kalambaka spreading lower on the other side.


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