Athamania Gorge

Athamania Gorge

The Steno Gorge is located near the village of Athamania, Trikala, next to Gardiki in Aspropotamos, which presents many beauties every season of the year. To approach the gorge, the visitor follows the path from the church of the Holy Apostles to the river bed for half an hour and then approaches it through the bed and against the current.

At the site, three waterfalls flow from the springs of Kakarditsa and Kriakouras, while there are impressive geological formations of sedimentary rocks on the left and right as well as natural swimming pools for the more daring. The best time to visit the Gorge is between July and August, and it is necessary for those crossing it to wear a helmet. When it rains at altitude, water comes down into the gorge.


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