Aspropotamos springs & Verlinga Alpine lake

Aspropotamos springs & Verlinga Alpine lake

Lakmos, or Peristeri, is a long narrow mountain range with a series of high peaks that divides the regions of Epirus and Thessaly. At an altitude of 2,050 m, an alpine plateau has been formed. Near the village of Haliki, the northernmost village of the Aspropotamos area, Verlinga is situated, one of the most beautiful alpine plateaus in Greece and the place from where the Aspropotamos river originates.

There, the dragon lake, Verlinga or Vryga, is formed by the waters that flow from the surrounding heights. Then, the waters are led through a meandering network of streams of incredible beauty to the exit from the plateau to the east and to the creation of Aspropotamos, the upper part of the Acheloos River. Depending on the season, the waters in the meanders swell and form small lakes.

The rocks that prevail in the area are limestone and limited occurrences of flysch. It is an impressive treeless mountain landscape with rocky slopes, cliffs, alpine green meadows, mountain springs, and streams.


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