Tzourtzia Waterfalls ‘The Demon’s Mandani’

Tzourtzia Waterfalls ‘The Demon’s Mandani’

North of the village of Tzourtzia (Ag. Paraskevi) which is located on the slopes of Tzoumerka, above the central bed of Aspropotamos, we find the largest waterfall in the area, which the locals call “The Mandani of the Devil”. There is a path leading to the waterfall that starts from the chapel of Ag. Giorgi, on the northern side of the settlement, and follows the eastern side of the valley.

The waterfall is located at an altitude of 1000 meters in a beautiful landscape with fir trees. It is created due to faults that affect the limestone rocks, as well as the smooth flow of the stream, creating a strong step in the relief. The waters of the waterfall fall with speed, from a cliff that exceeds 15 meters in height. Due to the momentum of the water, during the fall, a vortex is created in the flow, resulting in the deepening of the bed and the creation of a natural pond.


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