Kalambaka’s Tafoni

Kalambaka’s Tafoni

At the western exit of Kalambaka, on the slopes of the rocks “Amparia” and “Bandova” of Meteora, impressive ellipse-shaped cavities are found. These impressive formations are called “tafoni”. It is a characteristic structure caused by selective or differential erosion of the rock surface, mainly by the action of wind and water. Τafoni are considered to be polygenetic in origin, being the result of a complex interaction of physical and chemical weathering processes, which include salt weathering and cyclic wetting and drying.

The rocks of Meteora consist of coherent conglomerate rocks of Oligocene age. Differential erosion causes the loss of the cohesion of the conglomerates and the creation of the cavities that today adorn the “Ambaria” and “Bandova” rocks.


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